Sohoton Island Paradise

sohoton island, siargao

Sohoton Island, is a paradise tucked somewhere in Buca Grande Island, Surigao del Norte. It’s in a cluster of islands that sits right next to the famous island Siargao Island. It may be a lesser known destinations, but it provides respite to weary souls. The place is barely reached by internet, mobile phone, television and radio signals. Staying in the cove disconnects a traveller from the noise of the world.

How ironic. When the world is so connected, as we know it, this spot of the world is isolated from the dizzying frenzy of the planet.

I realized how restful it can be to be left all by yourself for a while. It’s a spiritual experience when all the noise of the world is shut off. There is so much silence. You hear nothing–no radio, no TV, no Netflix, no facebook. All you hear is nothing but your mind. Or shall we say, soul. The silence is deafening.

Waking up early in the morning, I chanced upon the sight of a woman kayaking around the serene cove surrounded by towering limestone cliffs with thick vegetation. The sight of tranquil waters was so arresting that it fired up my instinct to grab my drone to snap a few images before the sight disappears in oblivion. I wanted to freeze that moment in my camera.

Flying the drone to her direction and I went low, just above the height of her head. I hovered the drone towards her, as I waited for her to move closer to the drone. Meanwhile, I framed the background and waited for the kayaker to move to the right spot before I triggered the shutter button. Three consecutive shots were fired. This is the frame that I liked most.

It was one of those lucky shots. Nice lighting, nice colors, and above all, beautiful place.

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