Professional Food Photography—Making Your Food Products Shine

bacon, scrambled egg, slices of tomatoes and riceLike other types of photography, food photography requires mastery of certain techniques, a trained eye, and beautiful presentation. But, one thing that sets a professional food photographer apart from the average shutterbug is their ability to stimulate almost all our senses through an image. A good food photo has a multi-sensorial impact, activating not just our sight, but our senses of smell and taste, as well. These images create a visual experience that leaves us craving for something to eat or drink — and you can count on us to deliver this effect to your target audience.

Through the years of working with various clients in the local food industry, we have mastered the art of taking remarkable, mouthwatering photos of food and drinks. Thanks to our lead photographer, Mario Babiera, who knows exactly how to entice the audience visually, our food photos are as appetizing as they are stunning.

A Mix of Finesse and Creative Vision

Babiera has long been known as an ace industrial photographer; but in recent years, he has become one of the go-to food photographers in the Philippines, as well. While he’s used to doing aerial and larger-than-life shots, he also has the finesse required to take close-up, carefully styled shots of food.

His food photos are nothing less than fine art: the rich colors, contrasting textures, and artistic compositions pop off the page to stimulate a food craving. He goes to great lengths to find the most enticing angle of the food item, so as to highlight its unique beauty. Plus, Babiera has always been a visionary. So, you can expect that he brings a lot of creativity to the table, whether photographing an appetizer, dessert, a meal, or an in-action-cooking shot.

Taking a Collaborative Approach

Mario Babiera and the rest of the team believe in good communication to achieve a unified vision through our food photography services. We provide consultation with our clients prior to project execution. Whether you’re a new restaurateur or an established food company, you can count on us to sit with you and bounce ideas about the concept and overall look that best portray your products. By taking a collaborative approach, we can come up with impressive food photos that will help you connect better with your target market.

Check out our food photography portfolio to see samples of our work. But, if you’re ready to work with us, give us a call, today, to schedule a consultation.