Pebble Beach, Surigao

Pebble Beach in Surigao is not made of pebbles as its name connotes. The beach is laden with smooth rocks the size of one’s fist. What is so interesting about this beach is the sound of grinding rocks as they are shifted from the force of the waves on the beach.

I woke up early that morning and rushed to the beach in search for any interesting to photograph. But luck was not on my side. It was gloomy, with heavy overcast clouds. Everything looks flat and gray. I looked around but nothing looks interesting.

With camera and Mavic Pro drone in tow, I pushed my luck, though I was tempted to go back to bed. On the other hand, why not hone my skills in drone since the opportunity is already there. I don’t get this kind of opportunity way back in Manila. I often need to drive far amid traffic to get to fly drone.

Minutes passed, and batteries drained. I persisted to practice aimlessly, trying new maneuvers here and there, but with nothing much. That boredom went on and on. Until I was jolted by image that appeared in my monitor. Lady Luck smiled at my persistence. She gave me a strong, harsh sunlight that peaked through the dark clouds over the horizon, giving me dark, long shadows from the cottages. The shadows formed a repeating pattern, which I thought was very interesting. This, coupled with turquoise and blue coloured sea, completed the picture.

A few more seconds passed. Then I heard a Low Battery Warning from my monitor. I pushed to drone to its battery limits, trying to find ways to shoot more photos. Apparently, I forgot to take video footage too out of excitement.

I end of the session with all 3 batteries are drained. With that, I packed up the drone and headed for breakfast with my high school colleagues. But this time, with a wide smile in my lips. Pebble BeachIt was truly a beautiful morning to me.

Truly, luck comes with persistence. Sometimes.