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The Greatest Boxer of All Time

Muhammad Ali. An interesting twist of fate. From stolen bike at 12 years old to becoming the greatest boxer ever. Story has it that when he was 12 years old, he was furious to learn that his bike was stollen. Wanting to avenge for his lost bike, he learned boxing so that one day, he would relish the thought of beating whoever stole his bike. And the rest is history. To Muhammad Ali, The Greatest is not enough. He wants […]

Habagat Drowns Metro Manila

The first part of August saw the tempest of nature’s wrath. Torrential rains poured unceasingly leaving 80% of Metro Manila underwater. School- and office-operations are affected as students and people cannot leave their homes. Our street is hardly flooded. But I guess we are not lucky this time. Waters rose to knee-deep. Going out is just so inconvenient unless one is willing to wade through the flood waters. As I was observing brave souls wade through murky water in front […]