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Aerial Drone Photo of a Wastewater Treatment Plant

  With proper wastewater treatment, commercial and industrial facilities participate in responsible and environmentally sound wastewater disposal. In this aerial drone photo, we took images of a wastewater treatment facility in Pampanga. Wastewater treatment is a process of removing organic matter and other contaminants. Chemical plants, as well as cities, purify water from chemicals, sewage, and floodwater. Its main goal is to clean wastewater to the level that it can be discharged back to the environment that is safe to […]

Long Shadows of a Jogger in Pinaglabanan Shrine

Long shadows formed late in the afternoon at Pinaglaban Shrine (also, The Spirit of Pinaglabanan), in San Juan City. While doing my regular practice flying the drone one afternoon, I noticed the long shadows created by the the setting sun. I hovered my drone above the Shrine to observe the activities of the people below. This lone jogger caught my attention as the only moving element in the scene. I waited for the right moment to press the shutter on […]

sohoton island, siargao

Sohoton Island Paradise

Sohoton Island, is a paradise tucked somewhere in Buca Grande Island, Surigao del Norte. It’s in a cluster of islands that sits right next to the famous island Siargao Island. It may be a lesser known destinations, but it provides respite to weary souls. The place is barely reached by internet, mobile phone, television and radio signals. Staying in the cove disconnects a traveller from the noise of the world. How ironic. When the world is so connected, as we […]