Professional Commercial Photographer from the Philippines

Mario, since his younger days, has a restless mind. This flows in his activities. He hardly stays put. He explores many things. Many times he discovers things. At other times, it leads to disaster, like electricution, minor burns, falling from heights and bone fractures. But his mind never stops. He creates anything out of nothing. He loves to tinker with things. Creates toys and objects about anything. Try out adventures that leads to disaster.

Though very quiet and introspective, he loves to observe and relate to people.

His first influence is his father whom he spent a lot of time as a young boy. They go out to sketch, paint, work in the vegetable garden and do creative stuff like carpentry. He is also a man of literature who loves stories and read good books.

As a professional commercial photographer for more than 20 years now, Mario continues to be restless, continually experimenting for the love of it. He loves to shoot people, landscapes, industrial, oil and gas and aerial photography. As a result, he shoots for many clients including Shell Exploration, Siemens, Samsung, PLDT, SMART, Banco de Oro, Bank of Philippine Islands, Abbott Laboratories, Lufthansa Technik, and many more.

Lately, he is into sports and action that got him interested after a vacation from Italy. He is inspired by action-packed sculptures in that country. He wants to apply that idea of dynamism in his photos.

The quest to creativity never stops. It just goes on and on, while the mind continues to be restless.

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