Olongapo on a Rainy Day

Fly by Ologapo City on a rainy day.

Legend has it. A long time ago, a chieftain tried to broker peace and unity among warring tribes in Sambal area. But his idea was not accepted by some tribes. One day, the chieftain disappeared, only to be found a few days later with his head missing. Being the chieftain, his tribe spent its energy and resources to find the  missing head. The effort proved futile. Until one day, a boy found what appeared to be the head of the chieftain on top of a bamboo pole. He rushed back to his village shouting “Olo nin apo! Olo nin apo!” in Sambal. This translates as “ulo ng apo” in Tagalog. Thus, we got the name “Olongapo”.

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