Long Shadows of a Jogger in Pinaglabanan Shrine

Pinaglabanan Shrine, park, memorial, drone photographyLong shadows formed late in the afternoon at Pinaglaban Shrine (also, The Spirit of Pinaglabanan), in San Juan City. While doing my regular practice flying the drone one afternoon, I noticed the long shadows created by the the setting sun. I hovered my drone above the Shrine to observe the activities of the people below. This lone jogger caught my attention as the only moving element in the scene. I waited for the right moment to press the shutter on my remote controller. And boom, I got it. It was lucky shot.

Lucky shots come far and wide. It takes patience and the right pair of eyes to be there at that right moment. I continued to hover the aircraft while taking photos that interests me until the battery went low. Of all the photos I’ve taken that afternoon, I liked this the most.

Pinaglaban Shrine in San Juan has become a default place for drone operators to hone their skills. Myself included, I spent many hours in this site to sharpen my skills and try out some drone moves. The place boasts sizeable area that became a favorite place for drone operators. It also a melting pot of people to congregate and hang out.

Looking back, The Pinaglabanan Shrine (Pang-alaalang Dambana ng Pinaglabanan) is built in 1973 to commemorate the heroism of Katipuneros who started a nationwide revolt against Spanish Rule towards the end of 1896. It sits on a 5 hectare land in San Juan City.

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