Disruptive Technology

The 21st Graphic Expo 2016 adopted the theme Filipino Creativity Fuses with Disruptive Technologies.

This event is disruptive to say the least. New technologies year in and year out are shown in this event. I remember in the early inception of Graphic Expo when digital imaging is just breaking into the market. At that time, there were many skeptics about the technology. But today, everything is digital. Those who did not believe in digital printing have embraced the technology. Disruption technology continue to be introduced in the event floor.

As a tradition, this year we are bringing in a “rock star” in movie animation industry, Duncan Ransom. He is an Oscars Award winner on VFX, Cinematography Category for the movie “Gravity”. He also got involved in several other movies in the likes of “47 Ronin”, “Edge of Tomorrow”, “Wrath of the Titans”, “Zeke’s Pad”, “Superman Returns”, and others movies. He conducted a two-day Virtual and Augmented Reality Seminar Workshop to share the latest technological innovations that will soon dominate advertising in a few years to come.

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