Dambana Ng Kagitingan

The Damabana ng Kagitingan is located atop Mt. Samat in the provice of Pilar, Bataan. It is a historical landmark to remember the valiance of the Filipino and American soldiers who defended the Philippines during the World War II. It is approximately 140 kilometers (about a 4-hour drive) west of Metro Manila.

Aside from the famous cross, a mauseleum structure is located a few steps down the cross. At the center is an altar made of marble and a stained glass mural at the back wall. On the sides were the detailed inscription of the Battle of Bataan as well as a map showing the places mentioned in the prose. At the side entrance of the mausoleum was the entrance to an underground repository of what happened in other places, specifically in Manila, during WWII.

At the back of this mausoleum were the stairs leading to the cross. Some people have misconceptions about the cross. It is not a religious symbol; instead it is an indicator as to where the soldiers last surrendered. On top of the 92-meter cross, one can see a panorama of Bataan.

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