Commercial Photography Services

boy doing failed experimentGet the right photos for the right purpose. As one of the leading providers of product photography services in the Philippines, We will professionally take pictures of your products and services present you as a professional company. Properly shot photos create positive impression of your organization. They result in betters sales and contribute positively to your bottom line. This is what we aspire at PhotoSynthesis. It’s not about us. It’s about your product and services. We can only claim success in our photography service and our most trusted commercial photographers if you are successful in your campaign. Our measure of success is your fulfillment.

Doing Commercial Shoots the Right Way

Our longtime clients have stayed with us because of the way we service their requirement and our ability to produce photos that are relevant to their campaigns. We have properly executed advertising, marketing and commercial projects that serve their purpose. With the advent of digital photography, many wannabies who have the money to burn on expensive equipment now claim to be “photographer”. They produce acceptable images – properly exposed, well focused and perfect colors. But professional photography goes way beyond the technical aspects of photography. This skill can only be acquired with years of honing one’s eyes and heart to professional photography.

For over two decades, PhotoSynthesis, Inc. is grateful to have worked with extremely demanding clients that pushed our capabilities beyond our limits. This forced us to see new horizons in the way we execute our projects. It is these baptisms of fire that purged us to acquire and understand the demands in photography. This is the reason why we like difficult projects. They enrich us with a new level of experience that we can use to our succeeding project. It an endless learning experience for us, which we relish.

Professional photography companies, like PhotoSynthesis, Inc., headed by Mario Babiera, offers a unique perspective in doing commercial photography. When you are looking for a commercial photographer who can delve into a number of subjects beyond food and people, come to us. In our decades of service, we’ve developed an eye for the best angles for every product. Pictures are the most popular medium to showcase your products and services. It’s a fact that good photographs are effective vehicles of communication; so much so that 80% of all campaigns utilize pictures to get their message across.

Each theme will depend on the brand. You can count on us to keep the overall look-and-feel as a way to further highlight your company appeal. This way, you hit two birds with one stone – product and brand exposure. Contact us, and let us hear about your ideas!