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My Book in the Hands of President Duterte

Some dreams become real. Other dreams remain as dreams. I once had a dream (or shall we call it, fantasy) that one day I will have a book in Malacañan to contribute to our country’s history. This has just been fulfilled with my book on The Journey of Malampaya Phase 3 Project. I got a shock in my life this morning when I received a Viber message from Chiqui of Shell, with a photo of President Duterte holding my book […]

Professional Commercial Photographer from the Philippines

Mario, since his younger days, has a restless mind. This flows in his activities. He hardly stays put. He explores many things. Many times he discovers things. At other times, it leads to disaster, like electricution, minor burns, falling from heights and bone fractures. But his mind never stops. He creates anything out of nothing. He loves to tinker with things. Creates toys and objects about anything. Try out adventures that leads to disaster. Though very quiet and introspective, he loves […]

General Ronaldo dela Rosa wtih the Mario Babiera

A Chance Encounter with Ronado “Bato” dela Rosa

Early this week, I had a chance encounter with a controversial figure during a photo assignment in the person of Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa, the current Chief of Philippine National Police. Born in Barangay Bato, Sta. Cruz, Davao del Sur, he graduated from Mindanao State University with Bachelor of Science in Public Administration. He proceeded to enter the Philippine Military Academy and graduated in 1986. He earned his Masters Degree and Ph.D. in Development Administration from University of Southern Philippines […]

Reasons Why Professional Photographers Cannot Work for Free

Found this blog by Tony Wu, which I find well written and thought out. Many “friends” ask for free shoot without realizing the implications. In the same way, many photographers agree to shoot for free. Reasons Why Professional Photographers Cannot Work for Free Dear potential photo buyer, If you have been directed to this page, it is likely that you have requested the use of an image or images for free or minimal compensation. As professional photographers, we receive requests for […]