Reasons Why Professional Photographers Cannot Work for Free

Found this blog by Tony Wu, which I find well written and thought out. Many “friends” ask for free shoot without realizing the implications. In the same way, many photographers agree to shoot for free. Reasons Why Professional Photographers Cannot Work for Free Dear potential photo buyer, If you have been directed to this page, it is likely that you have requested the use of an image or images for free or minimal compensation. As professional photographers, we receive requests for […]

photo of milk and cookies

Splashes of milk on cookies

I played around with the concept of splashing milk on cookies using high-speed photography. We rigged the cookies are hot glued on a 3 feet stainless bar to position. Using regular studio flash for high speed photography does not work, unless you used specialised flashes like broncolor with short flash duration. Since we do not have those expensive equipment, we used Nikon flashes. We used two speedlites for this type of photography. When set to low power, speedlites give out short […]

Senakulo at Cainta

Senakulo at Cainta

  Cainta, Philippines. In a country where 90 percent of the population are Catholics, Holy Week holds a special part in the lives of Filipinos. Passion plays are staged in many parts of the country. Each place has its own unique interpretation the play. It ranges from festive, to elaborate, artistic, to grotesque and even bloody commemoration of the Lords suffering. Some places show their communal prowess in carving masks from wood. This is prominently shown in places like Paete, […]

Wow Mali

It was a little past 12pm when I arrived in Davao International Airport. I went directly to the check in counter and found that it was close. Confident that I came early enough to my 1.40pm flight, I asked the man in the counter when they are going to open. He looked at me with hesitation, and told me that are already closed. Anyway he took my ticket and proceeded to check me in. He was very nice, in fact […]