Warehouse Foundation in Rosales

This is a short audio video presentation of a foundation project in Rosales. This is the foundation preparation part of the project. A warehouse will be built on this site.

Skyway Construction Project Over San Juan River

A short audio video compilation of a Metro Manila Skyway Stage 3 over in San Juan River, Sta Mesa, Metro Manila.

My Book in the Hands of President Duterte

Some dreams become real. Other dreams remain as dreams. I once had a dream (or shall we call it, fantasy) that one day I will have a book in Malacañan to contribute to our country’s history. This has just been fulfilled with my book on The Journey of Malampaya Phase 3 Project. I got a shock in my life this morning when I received a Viber message from Chiqui of Shell, with a photo of President Duterte holding my book […]

Professional Commercial Photographer from the Philippines

Mario, since his younger days, has a restless mind. This flows in his activities. He hardly stays put. He explores many things. Many times he discovers things. At other times, it leads to disaster, like electricution, minor burns, falling from heights and bone fractures. But his mind never stops. He creates anything out of nothing. He loves to tinker with things. Creates toys and objects about anything. Try out adventures that leads to disaster. Though very quiet and introspective, he loves […]

General Ronaldo dela Rosa wtih the Mario Babiera

A Chance Encounter with Ronado “Bato” dela Rosa

Early this week, I had a chance encounter with a controversial figure during a photo assignment in the person of Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa, the current Chief of Philippine National Police. Born in Barangay Bato, Sta. Cruz, Davao del Sur, he graduated from Mindanao State University with Bachelor of Science in Public Administration. He proceeded to enter the Philippine Military Academy and graduated in 1986. He earned his Masters Degree and Ph.D. in Development Administration from University of Southern Philippines […]

Disruptive Technology

The 21st Graphic Expo 2016 adopted the theme Filipino Creativity Fuses with Disruptive Technologies. This event is disruptive to say the least. New technologies year in and year out are shown in this event. I remember in the early inception of Graphic Expo when digital imaging is just breaking into the market. At that time, there were many skeptics about the technology. But today, everything is digital. Those who did not believe in digital printing have embraced the technology. Disruption […]

The Greatest Boxer of All Time

Muhammad Ali. An interesting twist of fate. From stolen bike at 12 years old to becoming the greatest boxer ever. Story has it that when he was 12 years old, he was furious to learn that his bike was stollen. Wanting to avenge for his lost bike, he learned boxing so that one day, he would relish the thought of beating whoever stole his bike. And the rest is history. To Muhammad Ali, The Greatest is not enough. He wants […]

Dambana Ng Kagitingan

The Damabana ng Kagitingan is located atop Mt. Samat in the provice of Pilar, Bataan. It is a historical landmark to remember the valiance of the Filipino and American soldiers who defended the Philippines during the World War II. It is approximately 140 kilometers (about a 4-hour drive) west of Metro Manila. Aside from the famous cross, a mauseleum structure is located a few steps down the cross. At the center is an altar made of marble and a stained glass mural […]

Olongapo on a Rainy Day

Fly by Ologapo City on a rainy day. Legend has it. A long time ago, a chieftain tried to broker peace and unity among warring tribes in Sambal area. But his idea was not accepted by some tribes. One day, the chieftain disappeared, only to be found a few days later with his head missing. Being the chieftain, his tribe spent its energy and resources to find the  missing head. The effort proved futile. Until one day, a boy found […]

Paradise Islands Called Caramoan

Caramoan is home to a hidden paradise, tucked in the tip of Caramoan Peninsula. It boasts of uninhabited volcanic islands with powdery white sands that contrasts itself with rugged limestone rock formations. These islands are ideal respite from the fast moving urban centers. Caramoan is classified as a first-class municipality of Camarines Sur, with a population of 44,945 souls (according to 2010 Census). It is approximately 500 kilometers from Metro Manila and 95 kilometers from Pili, the seat of the […]